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Toddler & Up

  • Toddler Breastfeeding Group
  • Pre-KAY Yoga for Little Ones
  • Milestones in Music Toddler
  • Topics of Toddlerhood
  • Make with Me
  • Play Space – 3 years and under (members only)

  • Class Descriptions:

    Lamaze Childbirth Education

    Lamaze classes help you decide what’s best for you and your baby. Like all Lamaze-certified childbirth educators, B4 Village’s educators recognize that every pregnancy is unique and that there is no right way to make the journey to parenthood. Centered around the evidence-based Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices, B4 Village’s Lamaze classes teach you to feel confident, supported, and powerful as you ask questions, make decisions, and navigate your path through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Lamaze’s 6 Healthy Birth Practices are based on the latest research and serve as the foundation of Lamaze childbirth education. The 12 hours of interactive classroom instruction provide families with the knowledge, skills, and support to give birth confidently and with joy.

    The Building Blocks for a Better Birth

    This 3 class series will cover what all pregnant families need to know about labor, birth, and the postpartum experience. Together, we’ll take an unbiased look at birthing as a normal physiological process, and what that experience means for different people in different settings. This series can be taken individually, but it’s recommended you take all 3. Neurdivergent and LGBT+ friendly, if you have any disabilities you’d like the instructor to be aware of please feel free to email me!

    Class One: All About Labor

    In our first class, we’ll be discussing the stages of labor, including commonly asked questions such as: What does a contraction feel like, how will I know when it’s time to go to the hospital, and so many more. You’ll walk away from this class with a solid understanding of what’s going on in your body during each stage of labor, as well as some coping skills for each phase.

    Class Two: All About Interventions

    In our second class, common interventions during labor will be explored. We’ll cover everything you could want to know about induction, epidurals, fetal monitoring and so much more. Learn your rights as a person under care in a healthcare setting and how to advocate for yourself with confidence. Cesarean-section will also be discussed. It is STRONGLY encouraged to take Class one FIRST if you haven’t taken a childbirth class before, or you need a refresher.

    Class Three: All About Postpartum

    In the final class of The Building Blocks for a Better Birth series, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the postpartum period, including experiences less commonly discussed that every person should know. We’ll also be creating an individualized Postpartum Plan for each participant, so you feel supported and prepared for the first few months after having a new baby.

    Preparing to Breastfeed

    Intro to breastfeeding and/or pumping class taught by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). One 3-hour session covers all you need to know about why human milk is ideal for human babies, how lactation works, how to get off to a good start, how to meet your personal baby feeding goals, and how best to continue providing human milk for your baby after you return to work or study outside the home. $30 for expectant parent and support person. Discounted for members. Billing directly to insurance available for Independence Blue Cross and Aetna insurance.

    Latch & Learn

    FREE breastfeeding/chestfeeding and/or pumping support. This weekly group is designed for parents who are breastfeeding/chestfeeding and/or pumping for babies under the age of 6 months. It is facilitated by a B4 Village IBCLC and follows an open discussion format. Feel free to bring a lunch or a snack with you to group. Breast/chestfeeding parents, their babies, and any older siblings are welcome to attend. Group is free. Space is limited to please register to reserve your spot.

    Toddler Breastfeeding Group

    Breastfeeding your toddler presents new challenges for parents. Come spend time talking with other parents of nursing children ages 12 months and up and get expert input from one of B4 Village’s International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are always welcome at this group along with their parent(s).

    Group is offered at no charge for B4 Village members. There is a $10 drop in fee for non-members.

    Prenatal Baby Care Class

    Baby care class for expectant parents. Learn how best to prepare for baby’s arrival. Class covers newborn care procedures, diapering, dressing, feeding, soothing, and bathing baby, as well as basic infant safety. Expectant parents will practice hands-on techiniques via use of a teaching doll. Taught by pediatric RN Karen Meade who is also a board-certified lactation consultant, Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and parent of three now grown children.

    Prepare to Wear

    Babywearing basics for the prenatal or new parents. In this small group workshop participants will learn about:

    • Why human babies expect to be carried and how baby wearing helps
    • The different types of wearable baby carriers
    • How to make the best choice for your little one based on age, size and ability
    • How to wear comfortably and avoid common pitfalls
    • Get your questions and concerns answered

    Participants may also try on a variety of carriers with a weighted doll to get a feel for fit and comfort.Perfect for new and expectant parents or parents with children under one year who are new to babywearing.

    Hybrid Pediatric CPR & AED

    With this blended learning option you wll learn everything you need to know if your infant or child has a cardiac or breathing emergency including what to do if your child is choking.

    Within 48 hours of purchase, you will receive a link for the online learning portion of the class which can be completed from the safety of your home on a computer or tablet. The online course will take approximately 2hours 30 minutes and can be completed at your leisure prior to your in person skills session. 

    Our Red Cross Certified Instructor will then meet with the class participants in one household in our office for a 30 minute individual masked and socially distanced in person skills lab. Covid safety percautions are in place according to CDC protocols. Flexible scheduling is available and will most likely be outside of the class time window you are signing up for as enrollment is ongoing.

    Discount available for family members who are taking the class together.
    This class is for PEDIATRIC CPR/AED ONLY (which includes what to do in the event of choking)
    Our instructor can also offer the following upon requst

    • a combined Pediatric First Aid & CPR class
    • a combined Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED class
    • a combined Adult and Pediatric First Aid & CPR/AED class

    email for more details on prices for combined classes

    Cloth Diapering 101

    Are you cloth curious? 

    Come to this workshop before or after babies arrival if you want to get the low down on cloth diapering. Whether you are are interested in being environmentally friendly or looking to save a ton of money, modern cloth diapers are easier than you think! and who knew poop catchers could be so cute!

    Fluff-butt Fridays

    Whether you are cloth curious or a fluff fanatic this group is for supporting parents to chat and troubleshoot around cloth diapering.

    We support cloth diapering in whatever way it is sustainable for a family; whether that be full-time, part-time, or as a back-up for when no one wants to run out for diapers at 3am. 

    Come and ask your questions and hear the tips and tricks that are making cloth happen for other families.

    Infant Massage Series

    Learn how to provide a full body massage for baby in 4 hands-on sessions. Infant massage helps babies relax, feel more loved, become more aware of their bodies and enjoy improved sleep, digestion, and circulation. Infant massage teaches parents/caregivers to understand and respond to baby’s cues, to comfort, calm and soothe their babies, and become more comfortable and confident in their ability to care for baby. Class is designed for a parent or other fulltime caregiver with pre-walking babies ages 6 weeks to 12 months. Bring a blanket for baby to lay on and (if desired) a pillow for the adult as class takes place on the floor.

    The TummyTime!™ Method Series

    This 3 session series will teach you everything you need to know to help your baby LOVE Tummy Time. Developed by an Occupational therapist, The TummyTime!™ Method is easy and fun for parents and baby. The TummyTime!™ Method has been known to optimize baby’s physical and emotional development, help baby to sleep and sooth better, can help with digestion and colic and can be effective in helping babies recover from tongue tie release and work through or avoid torticollis and plagiocephaly (head turnning preference and flat head)

    Graduates of The TummyTime!™ Method class are eligible to attend our weekly TummyTime!™ Method graduates group.

    From Survive to Thrive

    This group focuses on adjusting to a new baby in your family, and is a great place for one or both parents to come connect with other new parents. Facilitated by a marriage and family therapist and child development specialist, this group provides an inclusive environment for all parents to ask questions about and learn from others’ experiences. Learn about your baby’s development and ask your questions about what is in typical range. Get the support you need in areas like dealing with grandparent’s ideas about what you are doing and how you should be doing it and setting boundaries with visitors. 

    Please be advised that this group does not specifically focus on lactation, and there will not be an IBCLC available at this meeting. As always in the B4 Village, participants are encouraged to feed their littles in whatever way they need to throughout group. 

    Free for members. $5 for non-members.

    Yoga Baby: A postpartum yoga class for caregivers with their babies

    This class is designed to nourish the caregiver and to connect and engage with your baby. Your baby will spend some time on a blanket next to their caregiver while we work on healing the postpartum body. The last 20 minutes of the class will be dedicated to spending some time stretching with your baby, breathing and connecting. This class is designed to nourish the caregiver and create community with others within the community. Stretching to support breastfeeding and carrying the baby, strengthening the perineum and core will be incorporated into the class.

    Please have completed your 6 week postpartum visit and have been cleared for exercise. This class is designed for infants who are not crawling. Please bring a blanket for your baby to enjoy while you are moving. Caregivers are welcomed to feed baby in the method(s) of their comfortable before, during and after class.

    Pre-KAY Yoga for Little Ones

    Parent-child yoga class for ages 6 weeks-3 years old. Taught by Kidding Around Yoga Certified Instructor Karen Meade, Pre-KAY Yoga for Baby and Me offers movement to music to help both baby and parent to gently stretch, relax and land in their happy, peaceful zen space. Free for members. Drop in charge of $10 for non-members.

    Milestones in Music Infant Class

    Ponies, Piggies and Pups presented by Milestones in Music educator, Rachel Appleby! Singing, bouncing, moving, and musical stories to engage you and your child in a connection that will build memories and give you resources to use at home outside of class time!

    Enrollment is for pre-walking infants  with a caring adult, and includes music and other downloadable resources (walking infants and toddlers may have more fun at our 10:00am class). All materials used during class will be simple, found-at-home items. (Details and invitation to follow after enrollment.)

    Members will receive their 10% discount off the price of enrollment

    Milestones in Music Toddler Class

    Join Milestones in Music educator, Rachel Appleby in this next series “Ponies, Piggies and Pups!” Singing, bouncing, moving, and musical stories to engage you and your child in a connection that will build memories and give you resources to use at home outside of class time!

    Enrollment is for walking infants (around 12 months) through toddlers with a caring adult. Siblings are more than welcome to join in on the fun. All materials used during class will be simple, found-at-home items.

    B4 Village Members can enjoy their 10% off discount with they enroll in this class

    Baby Led Solid Foods Workshop

    Learn all about Baby Led Weaning.

    Developed in England (where they call the process of giving baby solid foods weaning) this child-centered approach to introducing solid foods to baby in a develompentally focused way is easy on the budget and great for allowing baby to maximize their fine and gross motor development during the process of eating solid food. And the best part, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making baby purees or spend a small fortune buying ready-to-eat pouches from the store.

    Learn about baby’s readiness signs for solid foods and get your questions answered.

    Topics of Toddlerhood

    A place for parents of toddlers to explore a different weekly topic with a child development specialist.

    Explore things like:

    • Tantrum management & emotional regulation
    • Sleeping & eating habits
    • Potty training
    • Social skills & play

    Make with Me

    Toddlers 18 months to 3 years, along with their parent or other special grownup, can join art teacher and mama of 2 Ali to make a piece of art or a craft together to take home. I’m planning on making, learning, singing, and a lot of imagination! The class is limited to 10 kids so be sure to register!