Come and play with us!

In our members only play space you will find everything you need for your little one to play, learn and grow.

playing with farm animal toysOur play space has something to offer for everyone 3 & under. It is lovingly curated by our Child Development Specialist and Play therapist, Molly Modica.

The Tummy Time Corner is the perfect little nook for your pre-crawling infant. Watch them build their strength as they perfect those building blocks to crawling.

Soft play structures like our mats, steps, slants and tunnels help crawlers, cruisers and Toddlers to work on their gross motor skills and visual perception.

children painting on an easel

For your toddler or preschooler, help develop things like fine motor and social skills, and prepares them for citizenship in their community in our dramatic play centers. Flexible play elements can turn into a market, home, smoothie shop… the possibilities are endless. We change it up on a monthly basis so its always a little bit new. We also like to mix it up on our play table. You are sure to find a fun, interactive fine motor playscape for imaginative play. While you’re here, don’t forget to build those S.T.E.A.M skills with block building, road constructing. Or, sign up for one of our “Open Easel” spots and let your little artist create a masterpiece.

tea party fun market stand for pretend play child reading a book in the tree corner